Hillhouse is a stand alone purpose built recording studio set in rolling hills 5 miles from Belfast city centre. With a large bright control room, 900sqft live room, 600sqft floating floor drum room with 2 separate isolation booths, Kitchen, Toilets and green room with its own pool table...... we have every base covered. 
AD/DA converters

Antelope audio "Goliath, is as the name suggests, a bit of a beast. Antelope audio say it's "the most powerful audio interface on the market"; and with with a huge amout of I/O capability, high quality AD/DA conversion and Antelope Audio's now renowned Clocking technology, it's not hard to see why."

Soundcraft 6000 24/8
Arriving on the scene in 1988, the British-made Soundcraft 6000 recording console was released into direct competition with legendary designs from Neve, API, Trident, AMEC/TAC, and Neotek. 

Focusrite ISA428 MKII

Class Neve-inspired Specs. The ISA428 combines 4 independent classic ISA pre amps taken straight from the original ISA 110 module

Coles 4038 matched pair ribbon mics

Rode NTX valve

Aston spirit
Aston origin
Aston starlights stereo pair
Aston stealth


Beyer M119 (200)

GA project R1

4 x Sennheiser 421

2 x Audio Technica ATM33a Estero matched pair
3 x D112
7 x sm57
7 x sm58
2 x Blue hummingbird matched pairs
4 x sE sE2200
2 x sE ribbon t bone

Adam A7X pair

Mackie HR824 pair
Soundcraft spirit one reference


Sporting CAT5 technology the Hearback system offers 5 musicians their own independent pods allowing them to tailor their own mixes during the recording process