Cormac Neeson

"Dean is the most dedicated, producer I've ever worked with. He understands what a record needs to make it special and unique. He then goes after that magic dust with an insatiable hunger and enthusiasm that inspires the artist to work harder than he or she has ever done before as we chase down the dream together. "

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Stephen Macartney

"Having worked with Dean Stevens on many projects over the years as both a session musician, backing vocalist and original songwriter, I have never felt more at ease in the studio environment. 
His professionalism is first rate, and yet is able to create a very relaxed atmosphere where artists feel able to be as creative as possible. 

We have been able to work very efficiently, though there has never been a moment when any element of the creative process has felt rushed. Every aspect of the production is taken care of with the utmost precision. 
Dean is a highly recommended engineer and producer for each and every aspect of the studio experience."


Janet Henry

"Recording my CD with Dean Stevens was a delight. Being a great musician, as well as an experienced recording engineer and producer, meant he understood what I was aiming for and delivered it. Using high quality equipment along with great musical ideas the process was smooth, fun, and all deadlines were met, and I was the proud owner of a top quality product.Everyone, without exception, remarked on the quality of the production on my album. Would I use him again? Absolutely 100%"


Brian Young (The Sabrejets)

‘I’ve been in and out of more studios down the years than I care to remember – and more often than not I’ve come away frustrated and disappointed with the finished product.

In contrast, recording with Dean is an absolute blast! He’s incredibly easy to get along with, knows his studio and gear inside out and will always go the extra mile to make your recording sound the best it can.

Better still he has some serious musical chops and isn’t backward about coming forward with constructive help and advice to bring out the best in your own playing and to make sure that your songs end up sounding great! I guess he’s a one man producer, engineer, studio whiz and miracle worker all rolled into one and personally I wouldn’t think of recording anywhere else...   


Brendan Monaghan

“My experience of working with Dean Stevens at One30Two Recording Studio was first class. I have worked  in studios at home, Europe and in the US over the years and this studio I certainly rate very highly. One can work in a professional and a very relaxed environment, which is very important to the overall finished product”

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